Wild Smiles – Never Wanted This

I never really listen to lyrics (if anything they sink in after a while), so when certain lines stick out, it sort of means something’ and Never Wanted This has one great line: “I could get a job I could …

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The Minx – No Friends

I blame the cheesy synth. Yes this track kicks off with a synth so stinky that it wouldn’t be out of place in a Limburger factory. After that this big fat bass just comes crashing down, and the whole track …

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The Black Angels – An Occurrence at 4507 South Third Street

The Black Angels are one of those bands who tend to surprise you. One can peg them as drone rock, but from album to album they’ve always managed to add some new elements. An Occurrence at … (damn I hate …

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Slow Show – Nowhere

Why do I like ridiculously catchy guitar pop? Why couldn’t I be the type to like moody music? As seasoned (if there are any) readers of this blog know, the second I hear something optimistic and happy sounding I will …

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Melted Toys – Always

I don’t know why, but I can imagine a clutch of people wearing sweatbands (remember those 80′s kids?) and jogging with grim determination, their singlets dripping with sweat and dust rising as their sneakers clump on the pavement. Obviously this …

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SBTRKT – New Dorp, New York (feat Ezra Koening)

Back in 2011 when SBTRKT’s (Aaron Jerome) debut landed, everyone was surprised. We all knew the guy had potential from the early singles, but that album’s slick grooves and sultry guest vocalist just elevated it into new territories. If I …

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Land Observations – Return to Ravenna

Listening to Land Observations (aka multi-instrumentalist James Brooks) is akin to watching pictures of landscapes in a cinema. It may seem boring at first, but then you get that there’s a lot of beauty and it makes sense. Return to …

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Norm Rejection – The Radical Underground (video)

The Radical Underground is the latest track from Norm Rejection’s latest album to be given the video treatment. You can also catch the band live in the coming weeks: Monday 28 July Farsons Beer Festival (Rock Stage) https://www.facebook.com/thefarsonsgreatbeerfestival?fref=ts Saturday 9 …

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Sam Christie – sofa sessions

Sam Christie performing songs from his EP – Messed Up Kidz, as well as Rock Bottom (by Modern Baseball).

The Rifffs – Conditional

“Conditional”, the new single from The Rifffs, from their latest album “Can’t Stop the People”! You can catch The Rifffs in action at the Farsons Beer Festival on Saturday 26th July.