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Polar Bear – Be Free

Along with Melt Yourself Down, Acoustic Ladyland, The Invisible and Portico Quartet, Polar Bear are part of the New British Jazz scene which is incorporating other elements just as electronica and post punk rhythms in their music. Having said that, …

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Diamond Mind – Better Alone

Remember when every blog and major media publication was stuffed with bands from Canada? Now that the great north isn’t mentioned as much, the question is if it still produces great bands. The answer is a big obvious yes! Edmonton’s …

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The Shy Lips – She was Born in Bahia

If you could summarise this track in one word it would be FUN – I was Born in Bahia is total unadulterated FUN. It’s got this super rubbery surf riff. It’s really dancey and it sounds a bit like first …

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Music Alliance Pact – April 2014

Click the play button icon to listen to individual songs, right-click on the song title to download an mp3, or grab a zip file of the full 27-track compilation through here. MALTA: Stagedive Malta Blue Star – Shake It …

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The Black Keys – Fever

There are two types of Black Keys songs – one type is loud, ball busting and gutsy, and the other type is psychedelic, slightly weird and beat driven. Generally the latter occurs when Danger Mouse is at the production helm. …

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Dripht – Pacifista

Dripht launched their new EP – PACIFISTA – last Saturday 12 April at the Rock The South Festival. And here is Dripht’s new video for the title-track.

Rock The South Festival

The highly anticipated third edition of the Rock the South festival kicks off this evening! While the venue remains the Zion Bar, Marsascala, this year it has been expanded into a three-day event sapnning the entire weekend, on the 11th …

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Only Real – Cadillac Girl

It’s a little bit difficult to describe Cadillac Girl. On one hand it has a sort of 80′s alternative feel, but then don’t expect any moodiness or dark sentiments, cause the lead singer raps in a goofy laid back way. …

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Fear of Men – Luna

Not since Grizzly Bear and the Arcade Fire have I heard a song which is this complex and manages to tug those darned heartstrings. This track works on so many levels. It’s a multi-layered guitar tune which reveals itself after …

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Nothing – Bent Nails

The first thing I asked when I first saw this video was whether the guy outside reading the newspaper is Kurt Vile (it is). Although that has nothing to do with the rest of this performance video, I thought it …

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