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Japancakes – We’re in the City

Man I’m a shallow guy. Give me a pun and you know that I’ll check out your track. Now I don’t know if Japancakes hail from Japan, but damn I like the punning moniker! We’re in the City is a …

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LUH – I & I

When the legendary WYLUF broke up, I feared that the solo efforts were going to be weak, but so far Los Porcos are surprisingly good. Howevere it’s lead singer’s Ellery Roberts who has come up trumps with his upcoming LUH …

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Rock Ambjent this weekend

In defence of the remaining natural environment in Malta. BEANGROWERS VIOLENT VIOLETS SEMPLIÄŠIMENT TAT-TRIQ BILA CHRIS RADIUM Saturday 23rd April Entrance: Euro 5 Donation At Funky Monkey Club in Gzira.

Rock The South this weekend

Friday First stage dedicated to 2 piece bands which will include Paragon, Beesqueeze, Krishna and the italian duo band Sdang. The second stage will be dedicated to metal, hardcore and punk kicking of are On a ship from Italy, BILA, …

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Music Alliance Pact – February 2016

Right-click on the song title to download an mp3, or grab a zip file of the full 16-track compilation through Dropbox here. MALTA: Stagedive Malta Divine Sinners – Busy Bee Divine Sinners is a four-piece band from Gozo (Malta’s sister …

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Night Knight – Set it on Fire

So today we head off to Greece with the punningly titled Night Knight. Set it on Fire is solid, very solid. It’s a track with no frills but it does the job well. I can hear a strong background in …

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Sego – Obscene Dream

I think its great when music sounds completely effortless. Honestly, it feels like Sego recorded this track in 30 minutes. It’s totally spontaneous – from the collage like beats to the stream of conscious lyrics. Eventually the band do burst …

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Music Alliance Pact – January 2016

Right-click on the song title to download an mp3, or grab a zip file of the full 15-track compilation through Dropbox here. MALTA: Stagedive Malta Funk Initiative – Sunlight Sunlight is the opening track of Funk Initiative’s debut album, Cartographers, …

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Skaters – Head on to Nowhere

New York City’s Skaters pull no punches; Head on to Nowhere just hits you like a cartoon bag of anvils. It’s a loud proud track that strides the world with it’s head in the air and a huge grin. There …

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Inspired & the Sleep – Die Slow

I can be quite a contrary guy at times. Sometimes I like it when a video shows little to no effort, but then again a video which shows that there was care will grab my attention. Such is the beautiful …

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