Rock The South this weekend

First stage dedicated to 2 piece bands which will include Paragon, Beesqueeze, Krishna and the italian duo band Sdang.
The second stage will be dedicated to metal, hardcore and punk kicking of are On a ship from Italy, BILA, Angler from Italy and ClubMurder. Ending the night will be KNTRL.

First stage will have indie pop rock bands: Life Long War, Canvas Wall, Plan De Fuga from Italy and nosnow/noalps
The second stage we will have Massacre House Party, The Voyage , Dorian Gray (sound and vision) show from Italy and Brodu. Ending the night will be CRUX.

Hip hop: Umannimali, Semplicment tat triq and Tydal & The Acquaintances
followed by the afternoon shows:
Eversity, Pyramid Suns, WaterWings, Falcon’s Flying Circus, Dance Apollo.
The evening first stage will be dedicated to female fronted bands with Jack’s Fusion, Cryptic Street, Lucy’s Last and Fuzzhoneys
The second stage will be a mix up of jazz fusion and indie rock with, The Ranch, Vertigo Dingo, The Velts and My Drug Hell – fan page. from the UK. Ending the night will be nBome