The Knife – Full of Fire

Seven years is a long time in the music world. Since Swedish duo The Knife last released an album dubstep, psychedelic folk and epic hip hop records were still in their infancy. There’s also the fear that the Drejjer duo would sound irrelevant and even out of touch in a constant shifting music scene. However do not forget that this is The Knife, and they never do anything by halves.

New record, Shaking the Habitual is going to be a double album, and there are songs ranging from a mind blowing 19mins to a very brief 40 secs. In true Knife fashion, the first taste of STH is a nine minute promo helmed by avant garde director Marit Osterberg.

As a film it’s very ‘european’. There’s tons of arty shots; probably there’s some sort of plot, but it’s disguised – but really it’s the visuals you have to pay attention to.

As a track goes it’s very good and in some ways incorporates the traditional knife sound, but there are new elements. Full of Fire is hypnotically repetitive; its beats squish and judder like plates of jelly during an earthquake, and then there’s Karin Dreijer’s haunting wail constricting itself round the song. The best is for last, when the beats actually sound like a cross between a lion snoring and someone sawing a barrel … and is that a bagpipe??

It’s weird, slightly frightening, over the top and listenable.

Welcome back!