Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Only in my Dreams

Followers of this blog, prepare yourself for a shock. We all know a couple of years ago Ariel Pink made a leap from no-fi and lo-fi to hi-fi. But let’s admit it, all the songs on 2010’s Before Today were reworkings of previous tunes and still had that traditional Ariel Pink murk about them.


The change will make your jaw drop.

Not only does AP sound totally polished, but Only in my Dreams is like some long lost jangle rocker from 60’s psychedelic troubadours The Byrds. This track is warm and supremely catchy , no hint of weirdness at all. It’s scarily normal but IT’S SO GOOD!!!!! Its a pleasant suprise. Frankly I don’t care if Ariel Pink’s sound is changing … all that matters is if he still has his knack of writing a melody, and here it’s gone to new heights.