Balue – Worry Toobs

Balue seems to be a bit of an enigma, other than the fact that the artist (or band?) hails from Denver, and other than a couple of tracks they’ve got an EP (to be released digitally and on cassette!). So in this case the music is truly speaking for itself (the way it should be really!).

The opener Australian Summer is a fuzzed out piece of sunshine bliss that rumbles and tumbles out of your speakers like the first rays of the morning sun, and that’s not mentioning the chorus. It’s a perfect way to kick off things.

Deceptively, the rest of the EP doesn’t follow the footsteps of its first track and veers down a more reflective path, as the remaining songs are more downtempo. Mind you, they all touch upon the same themes such as summer and heartbreak. I also dare you not to get gooseflesh at the shimmering title track. If Australian Summer is about sunrise, then Worry Toobs definitely soundtracks a sunset.

Within these five pop capsules, Balue has managed to create his own little sunshiny world, where the occasional sad things happen – but they last for fleeting moments, so everything’s alright again. Worry Toobs may be totally DIY, but we all know that less is more, and here we’re getting the real deal.