Europavox 2012 – day 2

Irish rapper Lecs Luther kicked off Saturday night. This young rap artist did wow a crowd with his aggressive beats and violent, expletive laden raps. Furthermore this was his first live performance, and he carried it pretty well with his earthy sense of humour and anecdotes.

Ever since I heard the ‘storm’ single back in 2009, Django Django have been a band I’ve championed, and they now having released a very strong debut. I was curious to see how their percussion-heavy sound would translate on stage. The answer is – really well! DD are extremely competent live, and a rawer element sneaks in and gives the songs a harder edge.

One thing I’m noting is that garage rock is alive and well, and weirdly enough it’s going through many interesting interpretations. Italy’s A Classic Education fall into this class. Their album Guns Blazing is a thrilling half hour of guitar weirdness, and live they do not disappoint. On stage they look like a bunch of misfits, but the music gels so well and gives off so much energy that you can’t help dancing. They were also one of those bands who managed to fill up the venue as they played their set, and they ended up as my favourite band of the festival.

It’s great to have Maltese bands playing, and this time our very own Dolls for Idols took to the stage. Strangely enough I’ve never really had the opportunity to see them perform to their max, as the sound we have in our local venues never bring out fully what they are about, but seeing them live that night really opened my eyes and ears. 40 mins of danceable grooves and body shaking riffs … the band always get the crowd dancing here in Malta, and that night in France was no exception. Within 10 minutes there was a lot of whooping and hollering. It was the closest thing to being back home.