Dead Mellotron – Glitter

Dead Mellotron – Glitter
Sonic Cathedral (2012)

I feel that shoegaze and garage rock share one common feature – both genres have been around for ages, and yet I never tire of them, due to the fact that most bands in these genres have a way of contributing to the sound and making it unique. If you take garage rock, The Hives and Ty Segall sound different, but they belong to the same family. Shoegaze, drone rock, call it what you want, goes down the same route.

Although Dead Mellotron have previously released two albums, Glitter might be the one where people are going to salivate over them, and trust me, there’s a lot of drool action in these seven tracks.

First of all most of the tracks are linked together so it sounds like you’re listening to a song cycle, and despite the cliche you really do feel like you’re being taken on a journey. Its difficult to focus on specific tracks as these intense 26 minutes cannot really be taken out of context.

The record kicks off as a sort of taster of what’s to follow, evolving into a rush of guitars, and then those spacey vocals give a floaty vibe. If Beach House (a band DM have covered) had to turn their amps to 11 then most probably they would sound like this.

Over the course of the album Dead Mellotron squeeze in a lot of styles, piano interludes, ambient passages, angular post punk and a lot of loud/quiet/loud dynamics. There are many moments of sheer beauty (the winner for that being Making Up). There is a lot going on and the band keeps at it with the tenacity of a bulldog. For its brevity Glitter is a complex record which will shed rewards after quite a few plays. I’m not saying that its a difficult album, but there is quite a bit to take in.

Glitter ends on a very triumphant note. Dying is a mixture of clashing guitars, violins and enough feedback to impair your eardrums for life, and thus concludes the most complete 26 minutes of your life. It’s a huge achievement and a very admirable one at that.